Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bali – The Big Joglo House

Wow! I love airbnb, because there I found this incredible beautiful Joglo-House* near Ubud. It is surrounded by rice terraces and of course the view is amazing. Same like our host Cokie, who is also a great photographer with a huge love for gardening as you can see on the pictures. It's an open house up to two rooms which have wooden walls. So every evening the fireflies could say us good night!

Joglo is a traditional vernacular house of Javanese people. It consist of two parts; the pendopo and dalem. The pendopo is the front section of Joglo that have large roofed space with columns and without wall or partition. The dalem is the inner sections with walled enclosure and rooms such as bedroom and kitchen. Pendopo is used to receive guests, reception hall and living room, while the inner dalem are more private sections of the house. The roof formed a pyramid-like structure with central part are taller and steeper. It is said that the roof of Joglo is constructed to mimic a mountain.
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